Northeast LA

Stunning views and diverse architecture in Northeast LA’s incredibly accessible neighborhoods.


Welcome to Northeast LA

Covering a little over 17 square miles, Northeast Los Angeles is comprised of seven distinct neighborhoods built on or around the San Rafael Hills. The elevation provides many of Northeast LA’s homes with striking views and a lifestyle that is more geared toward nature and the outdoors than most other areas of the city.
Despite Northeast LA’s ample space and rustic calm, it iss ideally located for a quick commute to downtown LA and many of the entertainment industry’s most important sites. Major studios including Universal and Warner Bros are situated within easy reach of LA’s northeastern neighborhoods. Many residents find these commute times to be half what they would be from the west side of the city.
The neighborhoods of Northeast LA have plenty of upscale amenities of their own, with Highland Park and Eagle Rock which are particularly noted for their phenomenal culinary scenes. New cafés and restaurants are being added to the area regularly. From exquisite and authentic international cuisine to bold and dynamic new establishments serving innovative culinary creations, Northeast LA is rapidly developing a reputation as a food-lover’s paradise.
Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Mountain Washington are three of northeast LA’s most well-known neighborhoods. These areas are typical representations of what this charming corner of the city has to offer. Spacious homes rise up into the surrounding hillsides and incredible panoramic views sweep over the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Ocean.
Although these neighborhoods are rapidly gaining popularity, house prices are typically significantly lower than the city’s west side. The properties span a broad range of architectural styles including elegant 19th Century Victorians, early-20th Century Mission Revival, American Craftsman styles, and exquisite Mid-Century modern homes. Surrounded by mountain trails and dramatic vistas, particularly at sunset, these properties provide an idyllic setting within easy reach of downtown LA.
Neighborhoods such as Cypress Park and Glassell Park are rapidly gaining value as word of Northeast LA’s many advantages and relative affordability spreads. Those in the know are tipping these Northeast LA communities to really boom in popularity in the coming years.

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